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According to this paper, the war was practically over and the people were just waiting to celebrate. OH 83rd Infantry Division Legacy Chapter Email Group Tanks, tank destroyers and armored infantry aided the attack. Written in May 1945, six months after my father was killed in action in Gey, Germany, the letter has a simple honesty that touches the heart. A Company The photo at the top of this page--taken around Thanksgiving time--is, according to Larry Dalton, what was left of the 2nd platoon--less than half strength. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 774th Tank Battalion, from August 28 to December 24th, 1944 June 13, 1812, it was designated the 9th Regiment of Artillery. Main telephone: 202.488.0400 B Co, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, from August 13th to 16th, 1944, April 19, 1944: Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Sharp The 83rd Division has special ties to Luxembourg. It can be seen by clicking here. On the right of the 9th Division, the men of the 83rd felt like standing in their foxholes and cheering when they saw all those bombers. As each house was taken, it was subjected to violent enemy counterattacks. June 28, 1944: Carentan It shows my fathers company, F, and we are approaching the day he was seriously wounded and shipped the the States. Missing In Action Included in this collection of medals and documents are the following items:- Original WWII Cased . They raced across the German countryside until they were ordered to stop less than 60 miles from Berlin. B Company Army 83rd Infantry Division - WWII In Europe, A GI of the 83rd Division Infantry wounded during the fighting on the east bank of the Elbe Kameritz Germany World War II 16th April 1945. I Company The 83rd had three infantry regiments, the 329th, the 330th, and the 331st. 2/329 : Lieutenant Colonel Claude L. Bowen, Jr. The unit included men from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Maryland, North Carolina, Kansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Washington, D.C., Tennessee, and even included T/Sgt. Courtesy Mike Catrambone, Colonel James D. First a nudge, then a sign-- Grave ,Name,Rank,Co,Unit/Branch,D.O.D.,Removed ,Location,Civil War Soldier,1867 Dedication List,"Roll of Honor, 1868" 301,"A., Ira J. Those that sleep beneath our feet Composed almost entirely of Clevelanders ages 21-31 who had been drafted into the army, the regiment included companies A, B, C, D, H, and L and a supply company. In the slaughter at Bihain. They were billeted in an old chateau that was, according to Hershell McIntosh, complete with a kitchen full of dishes and silverware. Later groups of enlisted men assigned to the division to replace men transferred to other units came from Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I still can't see why they can't be held to their jobs like we are. Notice thatthe 22nd IR, 4th ID is a good 1000 yards out in front of the 83rd ID. The insignia was selected during World War I because the division contained mostly Ohio draftees.[3]. Well see if it gets any better once Ive read the reports and compare it tothe 08 July Morning Reports. The people still seemed surprised at the sight of American soldiers in their city. The division was formed in November 1914 as the "Division Posen 1", part of the Posen Corps ( Korps Posen ), and became the 83rd Infantry Division in June 1915. And as patrols ventured toward Remich, the 331st occupied the towns of Remerschen, Assel, and Bous. U.S. Intelligence estimated between 3,000 and 6,000 German troops occupied St. Malo. The troops under Elster's command were not an organised fighting unit. 3/331 before leaving for the ETO 1918: 83rd Division HQ, Maj G. Details Last Updated: 06 May 2018 Address : Val-de-Meuse. These are the GIs of the 331st Infantry who made the ultimate sacrifice. They fought for each other and died for each other and, as the 331st Infantry motto said, they did "See It Through." Infanterie-Division) was a formation of the Imperial German Army in World War I. mortar. Platoon, 2nd.Batallion, 331 first Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division, advanced to the rank of Sgt. Co., 2ndBn., 331stInf., 83rdInf. Gen. Willard A. Holbrook (23 March 1918), and finally Maj. Gen. Edwin F. Glenn (3 April 1918). -- We consumed 25,006,000 gallons Unit: 83rd Infantry Division, 331st Infantry Regiment, Company C; Service Number: 35519259; Date of Birth: October 2, 1918; Entered the Military: October 28, 1942; Date of Death: July 26, 1944; . Weapons Platoon Co., 2nd Bn., 331st Inf., 83rd div. It's funny how good the news sounds, but anyway, I hope it ends soon--the sooner the better. The 330th, detached from the 83rd, helped clean out the Harz Mountains, a pocket of resistance that had been bypassed by the fast riding 329th and 331st. K Company Frederick Phisterer. As the 2nd Battalion advanced further toward Remich, they knocked out machine guns that the enemy had emplaced in concrete. Mustered out: June 23, 1864. The next day the rest of the 329th entered the line, smashed through almost a mile to capture Coulot, and eased the pressure against the left of the line where the 330th had repelled repeated enemy counterattacks. Time after time they only gained an advantage for a few hours before being completely cut up themselves, accumulating losses they could not afford. They continued the mission, and took Remich on 28 September. Mobley wrote after the war to tell his wife where he had been and what he had done all those long months away from home. E Company You will notice, maybe, there are more points than labels; for this map I wanted to only identify what related to the end-of-day situation since that was what bothoverlays were all about The unidentified points refer to either earlier in the day, or have no time information, though I did include a few of these latter if there was room. These newspapers are the courtesy of Frank DeCarolis, 2nd Platoon, Co. E, 331st Infantry and Tom DePiano and where photographed and not scanned due to fragility. A Company in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Austria. Every house was an arsenal with ammunition supplies stacked at each window, and every basement was reinforced with double walls of cement and steel. His Scotch-Irish pioneer ancestry also gave him mental toughness and Yankee ingenuity. July 14, 1944: Hotat The 83rd Division reported the death rate at the camp had been 500 per month. B Company I Company [1] 83rd Infantry, 329th Reenactment Group, Reading, PA The 83rd Infantry Division on February 27, 1945 This page shows the locations and record of events for today in 1944 or 1945. The 83rd. December 2"These shoes we wear are quite the thing--sometimes I think my feet would be warmer without shoes. These eyes have seen the bloody hedgerows in the rain. Go to top.. Another photo taken at Camp Breckenridge, showing M Company/331st, can be seen by clicking here. They had limited supplies of ammunition and rations, and no radio contact with Germany. It turned out to be a bit of a rabbit hole. But also, the 1st Bn, 330th regiment companies were much further to the south-east just the day before. 202nd FA Group, from August 7th to 16th, 1944 All is safe for you to go. Richard E. Chipps. The map contains the locations, based on the coordinate on the morning report, shown in NATO symbology . On The Home Front: Life was not easy on the home front, but my mom more than managed--she carried on, and made a new life for us while enduring what many would consider unbearable sorrow. Contribute to chinapedia/wikipedia.en development by creating an account on GitHub. Company B, 231st Infantry Training Battalion. Taking the offensive, the 83rd reached the St. Lo-Periers Road and advanced 8 miles against strong opposition as the Normandy campaign ended. And the lifeless forms half buried in the snow A few days before Thanksgiving, Company F moved from a school house in Luxembourg City north to the town of Wecker. December 13, 1813, the regiment was reduced . The division was disbanded in . August 20, 1944: Cesson-Svign Commanding Officers Artillery: Brig. Welcome to the 331st Infantry Regiment documents sectionOn this page documents related to the 331st Infantry Regiment can be downloaded in the PDF format. At a height of 5 ft. 7.5 in., he probably didn't have an ounce of fat on his body. 44106-7107. The 83rd entered France on the 21st through 24th of June 1944. My dad and Sherman Curry (no relation, but both were killed on 10 December) pitched in to help prepare the birds for the Thanksgiving feast. On 4 July, the 83rd Division left Carentan and moved south toward Sainteny, a short march of about four miles that quickly turned into a six-day battle claiming over 1,400 casualties in the first 24 hours. rifle and rocket grenades. August 7, 1944: Chteauneuf "TDC, October 29"We had quite a little treat the other day--the first real hot bath I've had since I left England (quite a topic for correspondence.)"TDC. The roads were strewn with German tanks, trucks and staff cars, and often with dead Germans. "God we lost a lot of men. Mobley is almost certainly the same person that Sarge walked out of Gey, Germany with in December 1944. Overall, the division had 170.2 percent replacements. I sure wouldn't want to live the way they do. The wounded and defenseless GIs were then shot and killed, one by one. I see by the returns that the election didn't amount to much this time. The unit reported that the prisoners had been forced to work 16 hours a day in nearby mines and that the SS had murdered those prisoners who became too weak to work. The 9th Army had also been slowly advancing north of Aachen towards the Roer. They fought through the Ardennes in the bitter cold and snow to beat back the German Bulge. The 330th Infantry Across Europe Richard E. Chipps was also a First Sergeant--of L Company. History World War I Formation. Henry Irving Tannenbaum--Company F, 331st Infantry Regiment, They Served With Honor; A World War II Family Website, AWON Memorial Web Page, Massacre at Ottre, "Thank You Eddie Hart" Documentary Website (Company G, 329th Infantry), Pfc. H Company Not sure it happened here, well have to wait till I get through the reports. They landed across Omaha Beach and from there, they fought all across Europe. After training in Wales, the Division landed at Omaha Beach, 18 June 1944, and entered the hedgerow struggle south of Carentan, 27 June. Nicknames: Thunderbolt Division, The Rag-Tag-Circus and the Ohio Division. I guess the people must be used to voting for F.D.R. Deaths, the division's report continued, reached 500 per month. When the 83rd Division landed across Omaha Beach in June 1944, James Shonak was Captain of Anti-Tank Company/331st Infantry. Gen. "TDC, On 6 December, the 83rd gave positions along the Moselle Valley to the 22nd Infantry of the 4th Division. 08 July 1944 83 ID Approaching Sainteny. D. Root; S/Sgt. Stephen Ambrose, in his book "Band Of Brothers," quotes one of the men of the 101st Airborne about the arrival of the 83rd. In December 1944, Sweeney was assigned to Company I, 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division. K Company Do they think we are over here for our health? Harry C. Gravelyn was Captain of Company D, 331st Infantry, 83rd "Thunderbolt" Infantry Division, United States Army, during World War II. 473rd AAA AW Battalion (SP), from August 22nd to September 17th, 1944, Field artillery 331st Infantry Regiment Welcome to the 331st Infantry Regiment documents section On this page documents related to the 331st Infantry Regiment can be downloaded in the PDF format. This, combined with coming of age during the great depression, taught him how to make do with what was at hand. Yet as you wander down these quiet paths they swarm around you, crouching low. Chapter Twenty-Six of the author's The Great Boer War, which Smith, Elder, & Co. published in 1900.This web version is based on the Internet Archive version digitized from an unidentified library in 2010 with funding from the Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation.. They arrived in Liverpool, England on 15 June, and entrained . The 331ST INFANTRY REGIMENT served during WORLD WAR I as part of the U.S. Army 83d Infantry Division. Do you want . The 331st was the first regiment in the 83rd Division to see action in Luxembourg. Another photo taken at Camp Breckenridge, showing M Company/331st, can be seen by clicking here. It must have seemed that the world was coming to an end, as wave after wave of bombers delivered continuous shockwaves of exploding bombs that shook the earth and turned it into a lunar landscape. US Army Patches - Army Unit Patches and Army Regiment Patches. The west bank of the Rhine from north of Oberkassel to the Erft Canal was cleared and defensive positions established by 2 March and the division renewed its training. June 17, 1944: Southampton, England Operation COBRA began the morning of 25 July. -- Our artillery battalions, The day before Thanksgiving, Hershell asked for two volunteers to help him cut up turkeys. In the 331st, the 2nd and 3rd battalions jumped off abreast at 0445 hours from the vicinity of Meautis. All is safe for you to go. It was deployed to France in 1918. The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. Heartpounding does not adequately describe the experience of watching all this at close range. This was the main line of defence for the Germans. The air was choked with dust so thick that they couldn't see, and the concussion so great that their clothing ballooned out. 1st Bn 66th Armd Regt (2nd Armd Div), from June 28th to July 5th, 1944 See through the mindless death and grinding pain. 324th Field Artillery Battalion (155 Howitzer), Anti-aircraft artillery Those who passed through the city were greeted by banners stretched across the streets, proclaiming "Welcome to our Liberators." The 83rd spent Thanksgiving in that tiny country. Regiment warm themselves by the fire after their retirement to the sector following . We hardly ever hear anything except rumors, and some of these are fantastic. Subscribe to 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division Footer menu. rounds of 155 mm shells. June 26, 1944: Bricqueville All Company related information refers to 330 IR Companies; neither the 329th IR nor the 331 IR had map coordinates on the Morning reports for 5 July. The 83rd Division command post was in a school building in the city of Luxembourg. Dave Curryhas a report about this engagement here, if you are interested. When I finished with this map, it was a bit eerie. They fought in the Ardennes, facing the point of the German Bulge. They consisted of the various occupation forces from along the Atlantic coast and down to the Pyrenees. He was called to active duty on 26 October 1943, and was sent to the active duty reception center in New Cumberland, Pa. From there he went to Camp Blanding in Starke, Florida where he underwent basic training. Later, a German counterattack, supported by machine guns and mortars struck from high ground southeast of Greveldange, but the men of the 331st quickly turned back the attempted disruption of their lines. The GIs of the 83rd Division were awarded one Medal of Honor, one Distinguished Service Medal, five Legions of Merit, 798 Silver Stars, 34 Soldier's Medals, 7,776 Bronze Star Medals, 4,747 Purple Hearts, 271 Medical Badges, 20 Meritorious Service Unit Plaques, and 106 Air Medals. Later groups of . Samuel J. Bifano--B Battery, 324th Field Artillery I knew it was to the south-southwest of Sainteny, which of course he never knew; but Ive yet to get it nailed down this close. Infantrymen of the 83rd Infantry Division warm themselves around a fire near Fays, Belgium, on January 3, 1945. Cafes were opened where the GIs could enjoy good Luxembourg beer, music, and dancing. They cut the St. Lo-Periers road, and forced their way into Le Mesnil Vigot. Still on 12 July, I assume end of day, we have a regimental plan for outposts on the 83rdsside of the Taute River and marsh. If you are having trouble orienting yourself, le Port is toward the lower rightcorner, Sainteny to the left about 1/3 of the way down from the top, Culot is at the top, left, mostly off the map and Hottot toward the top about 2/3 of the way from the left. We also get a position for the 329 IR HQ, the 330 IR HQ, as well the 1 Bn, 329 IR HQ. Actually 12,000 defended the walled city, and they vowed to "fight to the last stone." Charles P. Nelson; and James R. Duncan (runner after Luxembourg). It was reformed in March 1944 as part of the 24th Welle (wave) from Schatten-Division Wahn. they swarm around you, crouching low. Intense fighting during the Battle of Saint-Malo reduced enemy strong points and a combined attack against the Citadel Fortress of St. Servan caused its surrender, 17 August. 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW The 83d Infantry Division arrived in England on 16 April 1944. Then there are those who are quitting their jobs and going to better-paying ones. Washington, DC 20024-2126 of gasoline. He was probably referred to as an "old man" by most of the other men in his company. Following a number of months of training in the United States, the regiment, under the command of Colonel William Wallace, embarked upon the troopship RMS Aquitania at New York, and departed for Europe on 8 June 1918. There they held the GIs at bay from underground pillboxes and camouflaged strong points. World War I [ edit] The division was activated in September 1917 at Camp Sherman, Ohio. S/Sgt. On June 18, 1944, less than two weeks after the Allied D-Dayinvasion of western Europe, the "Thunderbolt" division landed on Omaha Beach and began advancing into France. Michael Harris, 2nd Platoon, Company F, is among the many listed here. J Company B. Lyon Company, 1912. Melvin V. Park, K Company, 329th Infantry, 83rd Division, Liberation of Langenstein Concentration Camp by 83rd Division, Everett W. Singleton, Sr., G Company, 331st Infantry, 83rd Infantry, 329th Reenactment Group, Reading, PA, Indiana Military Organization (Camp Atterbury) Website, AWON (American World War II Orphans Network). C Co, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, from August 1st to 16th, 1944 Deputy commander: Brigadier General Claude B. Ferenbaugh, Chief of Staff: Colonel Samuel V. Krauthoff, 329th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Edwin B. Crabill Corporal Oldham of the 83rd Infantry Division of the US Army in Cancale France during World War II August 1944, Presenting the 83rd Infantry Division nicknamed the "Ragtag Circus". C Company Because of its turbulent past as a privateer stronghold, the town was protected by stone walls. Rhodes from Pretoria, South Africa. 250th FA Battalion (105 How), from July 31st, 1944 to August 4th, 1944 The division entered the hedgerow struggle south of Carentan. On June 18,1944 the 83rd Division landed at Omaha beach D-Day plus 12. The headquarters was organized on 27 September 1921. They include information regarding geographic location and troop movement, weather, and combat activity. E Company On June 18, 1944, less than two weeks after the Allied D-Day invasion of western Europe, the "Thunderbolt" division landed on Omaha Beach and began advancing into France. That would soon change. In addition, the 83rd Division recovered documents for use by war crimes investigators. The Drive To the Elbe The 332nd Infantry Regiment was formed on 30 August 1917 as part of the 83rd Division. Organized 26 August 1917 at Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky. including Cannon Co., fired 103,379 rounds of 105 mm shells and 51,680 The number of 83rd Division GIs killed in combat totaled 3,620. Anything will help. It was initially made up of enlisted draftees from Ohio and Pennsylvania, with a cadre of Regular Army, Officers Reserve Corps, and National Army officers. Advertising YOU PAY FOR IT WHEM YOU DON'T BUY IT. Reconstituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves as the 335th Infantry and assigned to the . serving as Platoon Sgt. guns destroyed much of the enemy artillery and machine gun emplacements and forced them to surrender. 20 January 1945, with an M-10 Wolverine tank destroyer of Co. C, 629th Tank Destroyer Battalion, in the frame, track commander SGT Jimmy Richardson talks to his driver, PVT Joe Honig, while Joes of the 83rd Infantry Division ("Thunderbolt")'s 331st Inf. The Germans knew the routes that the 83rd would have to take, and from concealed positions dug beneath the hedgerows, they ranged in on the advancing GIs with mortars and artillery. A Co, 709th Tank Battalion, from August 6th to 16th, 1944 65th Armored FA Battalion, from June 27th to July 4th, 1944 Pfc. Soldiers of the 83rd Infantry Division of the U.S. move on the street in the French town of Saint-Malo (Saint Malo). Frank Reichmann in the 1st Battalion of the 331st said that a platoon of captured Germans started singing farewell to their commander. On 9 August, the enemy defenders were forced back to the Citadel at St. Servan and to Dinard on the west bank of the river just opposite St. Malo. July 28, 1944: Feugres For there are only angels here in olive-drab, from the right, first row. Click on the image for a larger view. A second battalion from the same regiment defended a line further east. Thanks to Kathy Mobley Mathews for allowing us to use this material. The men of the 83rd finally had some breathing space, and they began to forget about the formidable Siegfried Line waiting for them across the Moselle. The division moved back to Belgium and the Netherlands for rehabilitation and training, 22 January 1945. Second row, left to right are: Willard Strauss (B.A.R. The 83rd Division established a bridgehead over the river. I, personally, cant make much sense of what is written in the lower left corner, try as I might. 106th Cav Rcn Sq, from July 16th to 28th, 1944 The 83rd Division crossed the Rhine south of Wesel, 29 March, and advanced across the Munster Plain to the Weser, crossing it at Bodenwerder. My worst nightmares are still in those rows.". Leon Collins; S/Sgt. Great Discounts & More! While elements moved south to protect the north bank of the Loire River, the main body of the division concentrated south of Rennes for patrolling and reconnaissance activities. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. The following soldiers were reported as missing in action. The process had reduced two more divisions, the 4th and 8th, to tatters. The odds were that if you were on the front line, you probably wouldn't make it home in one piece, if at all. France 52140 "Pershing" Donors. 323rd Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer) Original Item: Only One Available: This is a wonderful condition M1917 US Army uniform tunic, worn by a member of the US Army's 83rd Infantry Division. 802nd Tank Destroyer Battalion (T), from July 1st to December 7th, 1944 F Company: Captain Richard E. Randal, wounded on July 4, 1944 They moved out of the Loire Valley in France, and traveled two days and nights through cities and towns, many of which brought memories of their fathers and WWI. Albany: J. 216.368.2000 Normandy Armed Forces Ww2 World War Combat Army Army 83rd Infantry Division - WWII In Europe Unsung Hero Photojournalism Vintage Pictures Us Army World War Two The post-war operations reports contains information on the activities of the unit such as movements, tasks and training. C Co, 87th Chemical Battalion, from 5th to 16th July 1944 332nd Infantry Regiment ; 369th Experience ; Americans All! On a Red metal shield is a black pile behind a gold Lorraine cross. Composed almost entirely of Clevelanders ages 21-31 who had been drafted into the army, the regiment included companies A, B, C, D, H, and L and a supply company. The sound of all those bombs exploding at the same time was the most terrible sound that he had ever heard. 83d Infantry Division "Thunderbolt Division" "Ohio Division" The 83 rd Division insignia consists of a monogrammatic design in gold spelling out the word "O-H-I-O" on a black triangular. email _ | _ 83rd Division "Thunderbolt" Message Board _. He was 30 years old when called to active duty, and 31 when killed in action. Supplies could only trickle through as the Germans continuously pounded the town's approaches with artillery fire. Thanks, David. British infantry the 3rd Monmouthshire Regiment aboard Sherman tanks near Argentan, 21 August 1944. His body was not recovered. I got a half-dozen packs of cigarettes from Mom the other day and they just got here in time--we didn't get any for a few days, so you can see that we are having the same trouble over here as the people back home. After taking the towns of Wallenstein, Bech and Kleinmacher, they captured Schengen. 121st Inf (8th Div), from August 6th to 15th, 1944 The history of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska, and the Grand Masters elected by the brethren to lead it, encompasses many interesting challenges and successes from the mid-1800s to t Third row, left to right are: S/Sgt. Legal Notice | Privacy Policy, Mather House, Room 308 B Co, 168th Engr C Bn, from August 6th to 15th, 1944 It was initially formed from the garrison infantry regiments of Fortress Posen (Festung Posen). You can read it by clicking here, or on the Combat Medic's Badge. 11201 Euclid Ave. After action reports I am looking for general info: Where they were based in US. Find topics of interest and explore encyclopedia content related to those topics, Find articles, photos, maps, films, and more listed alphabetically, Recommended resources and topics if you have limited time to teach about the Holocaust, Explore the ID Cards to learn more about personal experiences during the Holocaust. The division was activated in September 1917 at Camp Sherman, Ohio. March 27, 1805, the designation of this, the 6th Regiment of Infantry, was changed to 2d Regiment of Artillery in New York city. "When I Joined VetFriends, I read about the email locator service, and sent an email to my old friend. He said they were "so clean looking, with a full compliment of men in each unit. In one of your letters you wanted to know how things were over here. While the 2nd Battalion of the 331st was attacking south, the 2nd Battalion of the 329th Infantry was attacking west to an "island" in the swamp. We have recently added a photo of A Company/331st. American Battle Monuments Commission search engine at http://www.abmc.gov/search/wwii.php. -- We launched 24,507 anti-tank E Company: Captain Raymond E. Poore, wounded on July 4, 1944 at Mautis This list is as it appeared in the history of the 331st Infantry -- We threw 57,607 hand grenades Melvin V. Park, K Company, 329th Infantry, 83rd Division var sc_partition=5; They Served With Honor; A World War II Family Website By the time Sainteny was taken on 10 July, that number multiplied to 3,264. Days of house-to-house fighting under thick smoke, artillery fire, and fighter-bomber attacks could not convince the Germans to give up. Then the heavies came in low, a hundred at a time. Oliver and view many of the photos by clicking here. The men of the 83rd Division weren't just on the front line. It was a trip of "two weeks that seemed like two months . A new nickname was desired to represent the nationwide origins of the division's personnel during World War II. On 6 August, the Germans demolished all the quays, locks, breakwaters and harbor machinery and set fire to the city. The amount of ground covered by the 83rd Division from Normandy in June 1944 to Central Germany in April 1945 is difficult to comprehend--over 1,400 miles. Social Media. The 83rd had three infantry regiments, the 329th, the 330th, and the 331st. The 83rd Infantry Division ("Thunderbolt" [1]) was a formation of the United States Army in World War I and World War II . Smith; S/Sgt. (My grandmother said that even though she was German, she hated the Germans for what they had done.) The 83rd Infantry Division ("Thunderbolt"[1]) was a formation of the United States Army in World War I and World War II. In 1985, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the US Army's Center of Military History began a program to honor US Army divisions that took part in the liberation of Nazi camps. Most, if not all of them, These documents are provided for by Dave Curry, historian of the 83rd Infantry Division Association. It started with small spotter aircraft that marked the targets with flares. H Company 121st CT (8th Div),from August 6th to 15th, 1944 The regimental after action reports for the 331th Infantry Regiment in PDF format can be found in the following table. Finally, direct hits by 8-in. Move out! annotated for each man: Staff Sergeant Edward J. Devlin, 31188341, 542 (communications chief) Relive & share the memories of your service time with your brothers & sisters in arms today.

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